Sunday, 24 August 2014

Facilities for Women

Facilities for the Single Lady Traveler (SLT) in Hotels

With globalization, women got through the glass ceiling and are making their presence felt in boardrooms. The initiative of  having only Women`s Floor in Hotel holds importance as the needs for a single lady traveler differ from the regular customers. When rooms are allotted by the front desk staff to the single lady guest, special confidentiality is maintained. Security is the main concern for these customers, so most of the hotels have free pick-up and drop services from the airport. When entire floors are dedicated to women customers in the hotel, entry is allowed only through swiping the card in the elevator to direct it to the women's floor and others do not have access to it. The floor is guarded by women security guards, service is given only by female staff, rooms are allotted near to the elevator for easy access, video phones are placed in the rooms to check the identity of the person seeking entry into the guest room and the screening of telephone calls is done at the desk. The guest rooms have feminine needs like full-length mirrors, makeup mirrors, skirt hangers, appropriate sized bath robes for females, and an assortment of extra organic cosmetics.
 The SLT is pampered by service of a cocktail and hors d'oeuvres in the room in the evenings. The mini bar in the rooms has champagne and smoothies instead of beer in the rooms. The hotel staff help the lady customers to drape the perfect sari and many hotels do the stitching of blouses in a day`s time for their customers for special occasions. The hotel has a 'Dial a Chef' programme where a lady guest can ask for a special diet meal, according to her preference. The restaurant has the “Business Women's Networking Table” for those touring alone. It also has a
special lounge where female guests can unwind after a long day's work. The hotel has a private women-only fitness room with lady trainers at convenient timings. .
The foreign guests are offered cultural experiences through complimentary yoga and cookery sessions.
Surely the lady guest is the special attention guest in the hotel.  A woman would definitely feel safer and secure in such hotels and, in a way will encourage more independence among working women.

Rasika Gumaste

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  1. Wow.. women are indeed being wooed by hotels! and how! I am sure that for women traveling alone, safety is the prime concern. Once thats taken care, the added luxuries being thrown in is a big draw. Such specialized and personal care in aspects of food, fitness, socials and room detailing is amazing.