Friday, 12 September 2014

5 Myths about Hotel Management

Hello friends!

Been the student of Hotel management and now being the faculty, I’ve experienced quite surprising reactions, comments by people regarding career option of ‘Hotel management’. And trust me I got an opportunity to prove them wrong and now it’s your turn.

The Hospitality industry is a hot career option for students. However, there are a few misconceptions about the career that students should be aware of before or even after taking a course in Hotel Management.
MYTH #1: It’s all about cooking and drinking
Reality: Hotel Management is not about enjoying food and having fun. It’s a serious business wherein experts from hotel industry teach the culinary part of food and beverage industry.
MYTH #2: It is open for only those students who are not good in academics
Reality: Academics have nothing to do when it comes to choosing hotel management as a career option. Instead it totally depends upon an individual’s choice of interest. In addition, students are admitted on the basis of entrance exam that are quite competitive. The course curriculum has right balance of theory as well as practical demonstration/performance.
MYTH #3: One has to start from low grade jobs
Reality: Hotel Management work life begins with basic job that takes an individual closer to guests and customers which enables to experience real job situation and prepares to handle tougher situation in coming future.
MYTH #4: Growth is less in this field
Reality: This is entirely false as this field is one of the fastest growing industries in India since people are spending more money on food industry.
MYTH #5: Opportunities are very few in hotel management
Reality: The truth is lot of opportunities are available in this field like airlines, travel and tourism, restaurants, railway catering, private/ public sector and so on. 

I’m sure there would be more myths than these 5 and so it will take time for people to understand and eradicate these myths.

Dhananjay Kshirsagar