Monday, 1 December 2014

Love for Food

Hi readers … Have never confessed this.. but as far as I remember, from the time I was a podgy kid to very self-conscious (of my weight!!) teen to being an HM student, professional and now an full fledged faculty …one thing that has been constant {not the weighing scale .. dud} …. is me - a self-confessed full-on “foodie”.

As they say, some eat to live. I border towards the lot who live to eat. Yes. It is true. Though not very proud of it – but a fact nonetheless. I simply love food. I find cooking therapeutic (and for me, cooking does not involve baking, which in my opinion is less of judgment and more of a science – and am so science-challenged!!). Anyways, I have always loved being around food. During my food deprived teens {have been off butter from when I can remember... and please do not judge me here ;) }. I started indulging family, relatives and friends with yummy treats. Truth be told - I indulge {ya… ok .. over - indulge} in food, which like money and shopping is never done with.  I am not much of a saint when it comes to food, and am happy exploring new cuisines and foods. The weirdest ice cream flavours and never-tried before meat never fails to excite me. Safe foods are boring.  They are mundane and predictable. Oh, to correct myself here – I do dig every day food too. Ghar ka khana, maa ke haath ka khana, dal-roti, varan bhaat, rajma chawal and all those yummy staple growing up foods constitute  who I am and if deprived of home-goodness for more than a couple days, crave for them terribly. So for all the times that I need a comfort stroke, turn to food– a piping hot khichdi with aam-ka-achar (also chocolate, any meetha for that matter) never lets me down!

For us Indians, food is an important part of our social lives. Birthdays, friends, festivals, get togethers, so much so that even travel – food is the centre of all our plans. So given that, I think about food a great deal.  

I am sure that a few of you to say the least, can relate to a few of my thoughts. If you do, I invite you to pen down your thoughts on food – anything.. ranging from what you love, most memorable meal, your food wish list.. or anything. Also, since Pune is burgeoning with so many eating places .. lets also start a Food Lovers’ Club, right here online .. let’s have restaurant reviews rolling (overly critical is good than paid reviews we get to read.. wotsay). So ciao and awaiting to posts from you all. 

Prof. Arti Prabhu

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