Monday, 16 November 2015


Eating is an indispensable human activity. This drive humans to do lots of research, revolution in agriculture and food making.  In every era, the unfolding of history has been intimately tied to the need for food, the production of food, and the culture of food. In all major religions, food choice has been an integral part of religious identity.
In modern era chef are paying more attention on dish visual appeal, & going towards becoming food artist. People eat with their eyes. In the culinary world as "plating," inspires professional chefs to create what they think of as "edible art." Treat the plate as one unified "canvas," keeping in mind the balance of the composition, the colors, the flow, the patterns, or lines.
Some of the tips to make artistic plating –
v  Imagine the final look of the plate.
v  Work on trimming the volumes to make a great food presentation.
v  Drain the food from its sauce before setting up the styled plate.
v  Work on the height or width of the plate styling.
v  Small is smart.
v  Using plates that have a small basin for holding food but a large rim makes the serving bigger.
v  Drizzle sauce on the rim to visually expand the portion.
v  Fan of slice meat look attractive, make the portion appear large and cover the plate.
v  Mix and match your dinnerware -- square or triangular dishes can help fool the eye and create visual interest on your table.
v  Creating interesting name of dishes. Example- a  child layer cake can called LLK(lazy layer cake)
v  Using cooking science, illusion, natural gums and hydrocolloids. 
We can conclude that Food styling, presentation is now days becoming vital part of culinary industry.

Mr. Shailendra Darekar

AISSMS College of HMCT, Pune

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